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Crossing the machine

with Simon Jean Loyer, Adrien Krauz & Soo Jung Park

« A new world has been bred. A vast, complex, and most of all brutal world. It has no mother. A monomaniac father, visionary Architect, poet fascinated by technics in a world inhabited by Machines. His siblings, Progress, Happiness, Order…a megamachinic family. »

︎    The dummy book « Sur la piste des derniers hommes sauvages » nomined and exposed at LUMA Dummy Book Award in Rencontres d’Arles 2015 ︎    photos 2015, 2016

Overview of the book
Carrefour Pompadour is a gigantic crossroads, gateway to Paris through the southeastern suburbs. Built on a land who belonged to Madame de Pompadour, famous mistress of king Louis XV, it produced a vague zone presenting all the features of car-induced urbanization : retail hangars, concrete infrastructures, parking lots, fences, waste lands…

« In this hostile world, planned by the Ancient Engineers to make way for the Machines, men and women try to survive. They create another geography, alternative routes, shortcuts… As one tracks wild rabbits across the fields, here is a collection of the tracks of humans given back to nature, a technocosmic nature built by their Modern congeners for the use of Machines. Soon, Man, obsolescent, will make way for its legitimate heir. »

« Crossing the Machine » aims to reconnect with the original narrative who underlied the emergence of our present metropolitan condition, in order to reveal unseen potentialities…

What can imaginaries bring to the interpretation of late modernity ?

There is a narrative to be found at the root of the manifestations of modernity, especially those that took place during the second half of the twentieth century and that leant on development and economic growth, following visions opened by the powerful coalition of technology, science and the State.

One of the most important of those manifestations resides in the urban realm ; the metropolis and its attraction force has become an indisputable fact, autonomous from the will of its administrators.

What was originally a matter of emancipation and progress produced ruins-to-be and uncertainty. But still, traces of the founding narrative remain and cohabit with its undesirable side-effects.

How do people live in an environment that is obsolescent regarding its original promise ?

The Carrefour Pompadour is par excellence the place to explore such questions. Made true by the dreams of the past, its future seems condemned to ruin. How to inhabit this place ?

This work is part of a wider research called « Rémé » (Révélations Métropolitaines) which tries to explore narrative potentialities of metropolitan situations by combining photography, narrative text and graphic design.

︎        Adrien Krauz
︎        Soo Jung Park & Simon Jean Loyer 
︎        Antoine Séguin